T5 and T8 Luminaires with IP20 or IP40 Louvre/Cover for M100 Suspended Metal Ceilings

Recessed light fittings with optical louvres or optical cowers

Modern, economical, indoor fluorescent luminaires.

Description of Luminaires:

  • These light fittings are designed for mounting into M100 metal panel false ceilings.
  • In case you are not sure about the type of the ceiling, check the ceiling summary.
  • The main body of the luminaire is made of 0.5mm steel sheet and provided with white powder paint resistant to desinfecting and cleaning agents see figure. The nominal maximum ambient temperature: ta 25oC.
  • Colour design: standard white RAL 9003 shade (see designs upon request for other options).
  • The optical section of the luminaire is formed of an optical louvre, or optical cover – detailed description of optical louver grills and covers.
  • For optical reasons, the MIKROPRISMA cover is mounted in the luminaire with the rough side facing outwards.
  • For easy maintenance, the structured PLEXI cover is mounted in the luminaire with the smooth side facing outwards.
  • The OPAL cover is smooth on both sides.

Elecktro- equipage:

  • The luminaires are produced for the nominal voltage of 230V/50Hz.
  • Luminaires are fitted with an electronic ballast as standard (luminaires 1x36 and 1x58W is possible to produce only with electronic ballast)
  • Light source: T8 luminaire - flourescent lamp T8 (Ø =26mm, socket G13). T5 - flourescent lamp T5 (Ø =16mm, socket G5).
  • The light fittings are equipped with screwless terminal boards for connection of supply conductors with solid core up to S=2,5mm2.
  • Cover protection rating (coverage protection): IP20, IP40 - wiew of protection
  • „Declaration of Conformity” has been issued in respect of all luminaires within the meaning of the provisions of Section 13(5) of Act 22/97 Coll., as amended.

Design upon request:


Light fittings with optical louvre are suitable for illuminating common offices and lounges as well as spaces with high eye work demands.

Luminaires with cower:
Light fittings MICROPRISMA are suitable for offices as well as rooms with monitors. Microprism is an innovative type of materiál with excellent optical characteristics (like an optical louvre, it prevents glare).
PLEXI and OPAL light fittings are suitable for lighting common rooms.

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