Luminaires for Dental Surgeries and Laboratories

Pendant direct/indierect light fittings into dental surgeries

Modern, economical, indoor fluorescent luminaires.

Description of Luminaires:

  • Illumination provided by "tooth” light fittings creates a pleasant working atmosphere in the room. On the other hand, it fulfills the values required by standards such as the value of illumination, the degree of glare restriction, and the colour rendition index.
  • The light fittings can be suspended in space by using wire pendantswire pendants summary.
  • „Declaration of Conformity” has been issued in respect of all luminaires within the meaning of the provisions of Section 13(5) of Act 22/97 Coll., as amended.

Fluorescent luminaires:

  •    Suitable for T5 fluorescent lamps (ø16mm) with output of 8x28W where 6 fluorescent lamps illuminate the    patient and 2 fluorescent lamps illuminate the ceiling.
  •    The main body of the luminaire is made of 0.5mm steel sheet and provided with white powder paint    resistant to desinfecting and cleaning agents.
  •    The nominal maximum ambient temperature: ta 25oC.
  •    Colour design: standard white RAL 9003.
  •    These luminaires are delivered inculding fluorescent lamps.
  •    The luminous flux going to the lower half-space (to the patient) is directed by means of a sophisticated    reflector and a special grid shaped louvre. Fluorescent lamps are covered with 1mm-thick acrylic glass in    order to provide more safety. The luminous flux going to the upper half-space (to the ceiling) is regulated by    an anodized reflector and the fluorescent lamps are covered with acrylic glass as well.
  •    The “tooth” light fitting provides 4.000 lx around of the head of the patient.


"Tooth” light fittings are suitable mainly for lighting dental surgeries and laboratories.

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