HI-BAY Luminaires for High Halls (reflector) IP20, IP40

HI-BAY Luminaires for High Halls IP20, IP40

 Luminaires for High Halls, Fluorescent Luminaires

Description of Luminaires:

  • REFLECTOR light fittings are designed for lighting high halls – for new premises as well as a replacement of current discharge lamps. Compared to standard discharge lamps, they have a longer service life, a better color rendering index and immediate start after a power failureis possible.
  • The main body of the luminaire is made of steel sheet and provided with white powder paint resistant to desinfecting and cleaning agents.
  • The nominal maximum ambient temperature:  ta 25oC, ta 40oC or ta 60oC.
  • The luminaires are designed for suspension. If you want to use them as surface-mounted, you need to order a mounting kit.
  • Colour design: standard white RAL 9003 shade (see designs upon request for other options).
  • The optical part of the luminaire is formed of an Al reflector made of MIRO material.
  • Luminaires with IP40 protection are equipped with a plexiglass or polycarbonate.
  • Luminaires with IP20 protection are not available with a plexi cover!


  • Savings shown on a 50 × 18 × 7 m space (300 lx)

    Luminaire Pcs Power Ra Savings
    T5 4 x 4W 27   6,21 (27pcs x 230W) > 80 ---------
    HQL 400W 33 14,36 (33pcs x 435W) ~ 50 - 57 %
    NAV 250W 24   6,53 (24pcs x 272W) ~ 25   - 4 %
    NAV 400W 12   5,22 (12pcs x 435W) ~ 25 + 19 %
    HQI 250W 39 10,61 (39pcs x 272W) ~ 65 - 42 %
    HQI 400W 27 11,75 (27pcs x 435W) ~ 65 - 47 %


  • The luminaires are produced for the nominal voltage of 230V/50Hz and fitted with an electronic ballast as standard
  • A five pole screwless terminal board accessible from outside ensures an easy connection to electrical network as well as the possibility of continuous wiring.
  • Light source: flourescent lamp T5 (Ø =16mm, socket G5)
  • Cover protection rating (coverage protection): IP20, IP40 - wiew of protection
  • „Declaration of Conformity” has been issued in respect of all luminaires within the meaning of the provisions of Section 13(5) of Act 22/97 Coll., as amended.

Design upon request:


The luminaires are suitable for illuminating industrial halls and stock rooms equipped with storage racks.

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