HI-BAY LED Luminaires for High Halls (reflector) IP65

HI-BAY LED Luminaires for High Halls IP65

Reflector LED Luminaires for High Halls.

Description of Luminaires:

  • REFLECTOR light fittings are designed for lighting high halls – for new premises as well as a replacement of current discharge and fluorescent lamps. Compared to standard discharge lamps, they have a longer service life, a better color rendering index and immediate start after a power failureis possible.
  • Quality components from well-known manufacturers such as OSRAM, Samsung, and Philips are used during the manufacturing process.
  • The main body of the luminaire is made of steel sheet (0,5mm) and provided with white powder paint resistant to desinfecting and cleaning agents.
  • Colour design: standard white RAL 9003 shade (see designs upon request for other options).
  • The nominal maximum ambient temperature:  ta 25oC, ta 40oC or ta 60oC.
  • The luminaires are designed for suspension. If you want to use them as surface-mounted, you need to order a mounting kit.
  • The optical part of the luminaire is formed of an Al reflector made of MIRO material.
  • These luminaires are equipped with a cover made of plexiglass, polycarbonate or clear tempered security glass. These covers are fixed with a frame and a bayonet cap.
  • The covers on the luminaires can be fixed with stainless clips ON REQUEST.


Savings shown on a 50 × 18 × 7 m space (300 lx)

Luminaire Pcs Power Ra Savings
LED 173W 27   4,67 (27pcs x 173W) > 80 ---------
HQL 400W 33 14,36 (33pcs x 435W) ~ 50 - 68 %
NAV 250W 24   6,53 (24pcs x 272W) ~ 25 - 28 %
NAV 400W 12   5,22 (12pcs x 435W) ~ 25 - 11 %
HQI 250W 39 10,61 (39pcs x 272W) ~ 65 - 56 %
HQI 400W 27 11,75 (27pcs x 435W) ~ 65 - 60 %

Colour rendering index

  • Our LED modules have a colour rendering index of CRI > 80 by default, or even CRI >90 on request and colour temperature ranges from warm white to cool white.

Chromaticity temperature (“colour of the light“)

  • For fluorescent luminaires, the chromaticity temperature can be chosen by selecting the fluorescent tube used. The „colour of the light“ can be chosen for LED luminaires as well, but this has to be done in the purchase order:


- warm white (approx. 3000K, similar to bulb light)


- white (approx. 4000K)


- cold white (approx. 6500K, bluish)


  • The luminaires are produced for the nominal voltage of 230V/50Hz.
  • A five pole screwless terminal board accessible from outside ensures an easy connection to electrical network as well as the possibility of continuous wiring.
  • Light source: LED module
  • Cover protection rating (coverage protection): IP40, IP65 - wiew of protection
  • „Declaration of Conformity” has been issued in respect of all luminaires within the meaning of the provisions of Section 13(5) of Act 22/97 Coll., as amended.

Design upon request:


The luminaires are suitable for illuminating industrial halls and stock rooms equipped with storage racks.

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