Dynamic control of lighting and dimming


  • Bringing the dynamics of daylight indoors (to the office or classroom) helps to keep people focused. Dynamic lighting makes people feel better, work better and helps to reduce failure rates.

How does it work?

  • People are used to the rythm of day and night. The light intensity and colour temperature keep changing during the day. People are used to these changes subconsciously and they help them to focus better.
  • When indoors, people feel a lack of this natural dynamics. Therefore, ELKOVO Čepelík offers a LED luminaire called DYNAMIC enabling seamless changes of intensity and colour temperature.
  •  This kind of illumination is in lign with our biorythm and it has a beneficial effect on our health.

Illumination curve:

  • The graph below shows a possible curve of dynamic lighting that can be reached with our control unit. This course is suitable for offices for instance.
    • In the morning when people come to the office, the intensity of light is at the minimum value given by the standard (500 lx) and grows progressively up to approximately 900 lx while the colour temperature changes from warm white to cool white (day white). This change is supposed to wake the employees up. 
    • During the day the intensity of light goes down to the minimum value while the colour temperature becomes warm white and brings people to the lunch break.
    • After lunch (when people are tired and do not feel like doing anything) the intensity and colour temperature start growing again in order to wake people up and help them to focus on work.
    • Before the end of the working hours the intensity and colour temperature go down in order to calm people down and make them feel well when leaving the workplace.

See the datasheet for other details.

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