Classification of False Ceilings

Standard False Ceiling M600 a M625

Standard False Ceiling M600 a M625

Standard panel false ceiling with a visible system of holding tracks with axial pitch of carrying sections of 600 or 625mm (M600and M625)

Hidden Structure SK M600 a SK M625 Hidden Structure SK M600 a SK M625

Hidden Structure SK M600 a SK M625

Panel false ceiling with a hidden structure with a distance of 600 or 625mm (M600 and M625) between axes of supporting profiles.



Standard plasterboard false ceiling (solid panels into which it is necessary to cut a hole in order install the light fitting).

Metal False Ceiling M598 a M623

Tight metal panel false ceiling intended for cleanrooms. Axial pitch of holding tracks is 600 mm or 625 mm. Light fittings for these false ceilings are marked M598 for the false ceiling with 600mm spacing and M623 for the false ceiling with 625mm spacing .

Metal False Ceiling M100

Metal false ceiling M100.

Different False Ceiling

Please contact us if you have a false ceiling different than the one mentioned above. We believe we can manufacture the light fittings also for your false ceiling.

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