BEST CLEAN LED Luminaires for M598 metal False Ceilings

BEST CLEAN LED Luminaires for M598 metal False Ceilings

Modern, economical, indoor LED luminaires.

Description of Luminaires:

  • Precision workmanship and elaborate design of Best Clean luminaires ensure the best parameters including luminance control. Controlled luminance L<1000 cd/m2 can be reached at an emission angle above 60°. Therefore, these luminaires are suitable for workplaces with monitors as well.
  • These luminaires are also suitable for workplaces equipped with laser.
  • Light fittings designed for M598 METAL False Ceilings.
  • In case you are not sure about the type of the ceiling, check the ceiling summary.
  • The body of the luminaire is made of 0,5 mm thick steel sheet. It is provided with a white powder coat finish resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.
  • LED light fittings are equipped with a state-of-the-art light source - light emitting diodes called called LED.
  • These are the main advantages of LED: long operating life (50.000 hours – LED life is rated where it has reached 30% lumen depreciation), high efficiency, and the fact that their lifetime is not affected by frequent switching. LED lights are mercury-free which makes them environment friendly.
  • ELKOVO 萫pel韐 uses high quality LED chips with efficiency more than 100 lm/W.
  • RAL 9003 is used by default. Other RAL colours such as RAL 9010 or RAL 9006 are available upon request.
  • An optical cover made of matt toughened safety glass is fixed to the luminaire with
    high-quality neodymium permanent magnets. No additional frame and locks are used to support the glass. The hard-to-clean surfaces (such as joints) are therefore minimized. The cover is also fixed to the luminaire with safety steel wires that prevent it from falling down while the light sources are being replaced.
  • A suction cup is necessary for opening the luminaire (to be ordered separately).

Colour rendering index (Ra):

  • The standard requires the following values: Ra>80 for laboratories.
  • The standard requires the following values: Ra>90. for surgeries and operating theatres.
  • The desired index needs to be specified in the purchase order.

Chromaticity temperature (“colour of the light“):

  • For fluorescent luminaires, the chromaticity temperature can be chosen by selecting the fluorescent tube used. The „colour of the light“ can be chosen for LED luminaires as well, but this has to be done in the purchase order!

830 - warm white (approx. 3000K, similar to bulb light)
840 - white (approx. 4000K)
865 - cold white (approx. 6500K, bluish)

Electro- equipage:

  • The luminaires are produced for the nominal voltage of 230V/50Hz.
  • Light source: LED
  • The light fittings are equipped with screwless terminal boards for connection of supply conductors with solid core up to S=2,5mm2.
  • Cover protection rating (coverage protection): IP65 - wiew of protection
  • „Declaration of Conformity” has been issued in respect of all luminaires within the meaning of the provisions of Section 13(5) of Act 22/97 Coll., as amended.

Design upon request:


The design determines these light fittings for installation in cleanrooms (operating theatres, intensive care units, pharmaceutical factories) – i.e. for rooms with high safety requirements such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, producers of electronic components etc.

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