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Elkovo Čepelík is a family company founded in 1990. It is located in a beautiful area called the Bohemian Paradise. Not long after its foundation did the company specialize in manufacturing recessed and surface mounted light fittings equipped with special louvres that regulate light and remove dazzling effect. In 2000 Elkovo Čepelík started to manufacture, among others, light fittings with IP54 protection optical covers. Nowadays the company employs approximately ninety people. It has its own paint shop as well as a wide range of machines. Since all the technical operations are carried out by the company itself, the production is very flexible. A modern laboratory as well as experience gained in production and during exhibitions are a big help in the development of new light fittings.

ELKOVO Čepelík
ELKOVO Čepelík ELKOVO Čepelík
ELKOVO Čepelík

Production and Sale of Fluorescent Luminaires and LED Luminaires – Czech Republic

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